Hello! Goodbye!

Dear excellent lover thinkers and dear haters too!

We’ve been posting things about poetry and/or revolution as we find them or as people have sent them to us. Thanks to everyone who wrote or thought. And who wrote-thought.

We now begin the moment of posting nothing more here, right now. We can’t maintain a blog! We’ve got no process for it. No skill for it. No aptitude.

But all encouragement to the debates to continue! We will be reading them. And enjoying them.

The conference made us happy and full of love. That most of the conversation seemed to be about love was said several times. And even when the conversations were difficult, still it has made happy and love, in us. Thanks anyone who was open to this with us.

Until next time. (This conference happens every year or so, right?)

Sincerely, the po-rev-ers, aka the and/or-ers

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