First “Poetry and Revolution” was convened at Birkbeck College. It provoked. Then last May, “Militant Poetics” was convened again at Birkbeck College. It also provoked.

“Poetry and/or Revolution” is a response, an attempt to continue the dialogue. It gathers fourteen poets from the East Bay and the UK. It meets in three locations: Santa Cruz, Davis, and Oakland. Each day will have talks. Each evening will have readings which will then transition into late night discussions, we hope. There might be some dancing.

But putting the revolutionary potential of socializing aside, “Poetry and/or Revolution”–like “Poetry and Revolution,” like “Militant Poetics”–has been inspired by the long relationship between poetry and political antagonism, a relationship that has come under formation again in the last year. We might be unsure of this relationship. Or we might be convinced we know what it is. Either way, we might as well talk about it some more and do it transnationally

Jasper Bernes, Sean Bonney, David Buuck, Chris Chen, Joshua Clover, Jennifer Cooke, Danny Hayward, Francesca Lisette, Marianne Morris, Jill Richards, Juliana Spahr, Keston Sutherland, Wendy Trevino

Event details here too.

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